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Data centers and Network Highlights from TruVPN

We carefully select and choose only the WORLD BEST Data centers and best internet backbone connections for our TruVPN services. Our more than 10 years experience working in VPN related commercial services areas give us good though what needed to build a highest quality QoS controlled VPN network, that’s why our VPN is so smooth, fast and reliable.

US VPN Network

We partner with SoftLayer to build our VPN infrastructure since day one SoftLayer Dallas data center was built. Till today we have thousands of US static public IP in our IP Pool to fulfill any request coming from valued customers. Dallas data center maintained by SoftLayer has the world BEST backbones connection to everywhere with up to 12 Tier-1 carriers connections and total 430Gbps total bandwidth: 

Provider DAL
Comcast® 4X10Gbps
Level3® 8x10Gbps
NTT America 8x10Gbps
TeliaSonera 4x10Gbps
Charter 1X10Gbps
Cloudflare 1X10Gbps
Cox 1x10Gbps
Equinix 2x10Gbps
Google 1x10Gbps
Limelight 1x10Gbps
Telefónica 4x10Gbps
Time Warner 8x10Gbps

UK VPN Network

We partner with BlueSquare Data Group ( now Pulsant Ltd ) to build our Europe VPN network many years ago.  As lots of people know, London’s BlueSquare has the Europe BEST data centers with HUGE backbone pipes to 6 Continentals. We have thousands of IPV4 public static IP reserved for TruVPN business and is ready to serve our valued customers immediately.