Most professional VPN service


Premium VPN Service with Dedicated Public Static IP

We are the most professional VPN service company in this industry – that provides premium high secure OpenVPN based VPN service with unlimited bandwidth and fixed dedicated IP for desktops and mobile devices.

TOP 10 Features why choose TruVPN’s commercial premium VPN service for the highest level of online security and safety needs, READ PLEASE, you can’t find these features from any other VPN provider!

  • Dedicated Public Static IP for each VPN account –  YES, each VPN account get a dedicated static public IP during the account lifetime period, no one else in the world will be able to use that IP or share that IP for any purpose in any way. Are you taking long term business trip outside US but still want to be treated as in USA home with static IP from Times Warner cable service? here you are.
  • Dedicated VPN server demon for each VPN account – We create a dedicate exclusive SSL VPN server task for each VPN account, each VPN account’s server side demon listens to the user’s own dedicated IP, it never shares the memory, the processor time or the listening IP address with anyone else. Not only it guarantees the maximum user’s private data protection during transmission and processing through our VPN network, also it means your VPN connection won’t be blocked by your ISP or your local network because ONLY YOU are using that tunneling, you are able to use our VPN service for very stable VPN service around the clock for 24x7x365 non-stop connection. Sometimes you even didn’t notice that you are using the VPN!
  • Supporting TCP 443 port and encrypted TLS header for VPN tunneling – Many ISPs all over the world blocks lots of VPN port and filter out VPN packets, but we guarantee 100% that our VPN account will work in any situation from any customer. Not only our VPN works perfectly with standard HTTPS port for firewall travesal, but also we encrypted the TLS overhead bytes so ISP can’t filter out your VPN data any more.
  • 100% Supporting both iOS and Android mobile devices – Do you want to get smooth VPN connection in your Apple iPhone 5, iPod Touch or New iPad for NetFlix video streams when you are travelling oversea? Or you want to listen to the streaming Spotify music from Samsung Galaxy S3 or Note II Android smartphones when going vacation? no problem at all. We provide you FREE and extremely Simple VPN apps for both platforms.  No jailbreak needed for iOS device, and No root needed for android gadgets! You just can’t believe it how simple it’s to get your iPhone 5 or Nexus 7 tablet online with UK VPN IP address in just 5 minutes!
  • QoS optimized VPN network with unlimited bandwidth – to provide the best connection quality, each VPN session is very carefully tuned up and optimized by our network enginner team for zero apcket loss, minimum data jitter and shortest ping delay.  Every day our Network QoS team will monitor the VPN network to make sure there are enough bandwidth capacity for every VPN server. Also we don’t limit the month bandwidth quotation for users, simply use the VPN as much as you want, and as long as you need.
  • ALL Ports are Opened, no access restriction at all – We provide you the best VPN account to our users not only in the connection quality or reliability, but also in the accessibility. For whatever reason customers use our VPN for, for example online gaming, watching BBC TV online, or making Vonage Phone calls from USB device, or downloading files from oversea websites, they are all ready to use, no ANY UDP or TCP ports are blocked, no any website are restricted to access. What customers touch is purely 100% original look of the whole internet.
  • Support DMZ and Port forwarding for quick access from internet to your computers – Because we use only static public IP for each VPN account, we are able to provide TRUE NAT Traversal for users’ PC and network devices to be connected easily from internet without doing any special setup and configuration in their local network infrastructure. Want to setup a File server temporarily for your family to download pictures from your folder? Or want to build a quick website DEMO and share it with your colleagues? We can do it – and all of these extra features and advantages are offered without additional cost. 
  • VPN connections from Both America and Europe - We know the varies of requests from all kinds of users all over the world, that’s why we offer VPN account from the best data centers in both USA and UK. Our Dallas based USA VPN network and London based UK VPN network has the world-best internet backbone connections to ANY country in the world, this guarantees that we can provide BEST VPN connection quality to any potential users from any place. Plus with network coverage for two Continental, our customers are able to get access to rich social network and HD multimedia streams which is available ONLY to American or European.
  • Remote Deployment and Technical Support – Not a technical expert? No problem AT ALL! We offers absolutely FREE remote VPN account deployment and technical troubleshooting for everyone who tries to test our VPN service or who is already enjoying our VPN connection for months. What our valued customers need to do is to enjoy our perfect VPN connection and service, and leave all remaining headache issue to our support team.
  • Easy and Flat rate for high end VPN service – Our service is high end, but not our price. We offers very EASY and FLAT rate to make our service extremely competitive comparing to any other service over internet – considering our rich extra features. Paying regular low cost rate for high level VPN connection, it only happens here.